When Will April Have Her Baby On Live Cam?

Pablo Tucker
March 6, 2017

Animal Adventure Park began streaming on February 23 on YouTube showing April preparing to give birth.

The world watches and waits as mother-to-be April the giraffe prepares to welcome her baby at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville. She is a big girl and getting bigger. "(The) vet report is all positive and happy with progression", the zoo reported.

April will raise the calf naturally. He is the only other giraffe at the park. All signs say the baby is developing normally, and there are full expectations April will have a healthy labor and delivery. "She was reported as being a little "spooky" last evening, which was likely due to the many intense baby kicks observed by keepers".

"April was reportedly on edge this afternoon during veterinary examination".

Erin Dietrich, a photographer from Myrtle Beach, SC, who is 39 weeks pregnant, did her best April the Giraffe impression during an 8-minute live Facebook video on Sunday night. April is examined by a veterinarian and interacts with AAP staff on a daily basis, and her pregnancy is progressing normally. "Appetite is notably strong also", Animal Adventure Park wrote on their Facebook page.

"There is a significant amount of belly movement and tail raising", the post noted. The calf will be about 150 pounds and 6 feet tall at birth and up and walking in about an hour. The zoo will have a vote to determine the baby's name.

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