'We must fight them': Trump goes after conservatives of Freedom Caucus

Cheryl Sanders
March 31, 2017

President Donald Trump called out House lawmakers today on Twitter.

This bill doesn't lower premiums, and probably most importantly, this bill doesn't unite Republicans and the American people", Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News' "America's Newsroom.

On Tuesday, House GOP leaders also projected more optimism that something could still be done to dismantle the Affordable Care Act even as the political dynamics remained unchanged. Last week, Trump publicly pointed to the other party for refusing to cooperate on the bill, an incredulity-defying comment since no Democrat was eager to replace Obamacare, nor did the White House conduct any real outreach across the aisle. Massie is aligned with the Freedom Caucus, but not officially a member of the group.

"I think what happened needed to happen", he added.

Before that, the caucus members helped to force former Speaker John Boehner out as speaker, largely because they felt he capitulated too frequently to Democrats.

Overall, almost one in four Americans, including Democrats and independents, blamed Trump.

It was Trump's most direct threat to date to the conservative coalition that stymied his health care bill last week with the help of moderate Republicans who were also opposed. Any perception of weakness is risky for stability in Australia's region, because Xi may want to test whether Trump means what he says on issues such as the South China Sea, the US-Japan alliance or North Korea.

But then Trump suggested that he could also cut a deal with Democrats, a move that would nearly certainly make more conservative members of the House balk.

"While we would welcome your honest interest in bipartisan work to improve quality, lower costs, and expand coverage, we are concerned by your recent statement indicating it would be a good thing to make the ACA 'explode, '" they write, adding, "Instead, we urge you to use your executive authority to support a stable, competitive insurance marketplace".

The fact remains, however, that House Republicans aren't in a different position than they were on Friday.

POLITICO notes that Trump suggested on the campaign trail that he would make it easier for people to sue news organizations by opening up the libel law. Although it was pulled from the floor, it is still active legislation and subject to manager's amendments from the chairmen of the Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Budget committees, as well as changes made by the House Rules Committee, which reports the bill to the House floor with its final language.

"The Freedom Caucus is trying to change Washington", he said.

"There were a lot of unhappy people who got to vent, got to share their frustration", said Rep. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., an inveterate foe of the 2010 health care law, said, "Where we are on Obamacare, regretfully, at the moment is where the Democrats wanted us to be, which is with the status quo". "We believe it will not work out well, but we'll see".

PAUL RYAN: I don't want us to become a factionalized majority.

Needless to say, there are monumental risks in working with Democrats on anything - especially Obamacare reform.

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