Trump signs order to roll back Obama's climate change measures

Andrew Cummings
March 31, 2017

You're going back to work. "All over the world, they ship in, ship in, take the Americans' money, take the money, go home, take our jobs, take our companies, no longer folks, no longer", he said. "I don't think this is in anyone's interest except the coal lobby that (Trump) made a promise to of bringing their jobs back".

Trump did not say whether he would pull out of the Paris Agreement, agreed by nearly 200 nations and which seeks a shift from fossil fuels this century as the cornerstone of efforts to limit heat waves, floods, droughts and rising sea levels.

In his address, Trump said his measures would start a new energy revolution.

"When the president rolls back the order he and EPA Administrator Pruitt are basically saying they don't have confidence in America ingenuity, in the ingenuity of our companies to make energy cleaner tomorrow than we make it today", Kaine said. And it did not create expensive electricity to punish American families in coal country.

The problem I see is that many coal-fired plants are switching over to cleaner-burning natural gas.

A growing number of power plants have transitioned to cleaner, cheaper natural gas in recent years, a trend that is likely to continue. Because coal mining, like every other industry, has been increasingly dependent on mechanization for over a decade.

A coalition of 16 states and the District of Columbia said they will oppose any effort by the Trump administration to withdraw the Clean Power Plan or seek dismissal of a pending legal case before a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. This is another fact that the coal industry, out-of-work coal miners, and Donald Trump all knew to be a fact.

But coal is dying as a major energy source in the United States for reasons far beyond the reach of executive orders. They're not hiring people. "There are two subsectors which I would exhibit caution on, which optically look good but really aren't doing anything fundamentally, and that would be coal and offshore drilling".

The market for coal isn't the only issue at stake.

Meanwhile, she doubts this week's energy-regulation rollbacks will do little to bring back coal jobs.

But the move comes at a time when utility companies decisively favor fuel sources other than coal for new power plants, especially cheap and abundant natural gas and renewable energy, favored by policies to promote wind and solar at the worldwide, federal and state level.

The move by the Trump administration includes steps to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, a key component of US's country's plan to deliver on its greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments.

A poll released in September found 71 percent of Americans want the US government to do something about global warming, including 6 percent who think the government should act even though they are not sure that climate change is happening.

Since 2000, U.S. coal consumption has dropped from 812 million tons to just 511 million tons, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. If the courts eventually uphold the Clean Power Plan, then EPA will be required to implement it, he explained.

The Trump order's main target is former president Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan that required states to slash carbon emissions from power plants - a critical element in helping the U.S. meet its commitments to the global climate change accord.

Mr Alam said the USA stepping down is an opportunity for the UAE to lead in the GCC region by encouraging major oil producers to prioritise action on climate change.

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