The Women's Strike Didn't Represent Me, Or Other Women In Helping Professions

Cheryl Sanders
March 10, 2017

In cities like New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Philadelphia, American women and men celebrated the observation. "Let us honor them and build upon what they started by shifting our language, and therefore our consciousness, away from gender and towards opportunity". I help them dress and make them breakfast. "In all this hullaballoo of women empowerment, men are left behind and thus, November 19 remains a not-so-significant date". In particular, she cited the 1969 events at Stonewall and the gay liberation movement that followed, "led by trans women of color like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson, by drag queens, sex workers and their clients". The demands women hold for our societal structure are many. These examples, Adely said, "remind us that fighting class struggle, fighting racism, and fighting imperialism must come together".

As a staunch believer in equal pay for work of equal value, and political, economic, personal and social rights for women, I get frustrated with women who don't like to call themselves feminists. There are millions of women who work in health care, education, and social services who are already focused on helping women and other marginalized populations every day.

One thing is for certain-as some women strike and others wear red and still others do nothing at all but look and listen to those privileged enough to take part in this day in some capacity-we can not put pressure on any group of women or individual to strike the way we think they should. Teachers who took the day off spent the time marching in organized protests and writing letters to their Congresspersons.

In the third week of February, an global conference on women focused on how to mentor the young.

While we all celebrate International Women's Day in different ways, there's one under-discussed issue I hope all of us will take up - the way racist policies across the globe are being enacted under the guise of protecting women. "Some women are just not going to apologize to keep people comfortable". I have several women friends, family, and students who impress the heck out of me all the time. Here, we've compiled a list of organizations to either join or donate to in order to benefit women.

Not all women, however, were on board with the call for a women's strike, with some critics citing the vagueness of the movement's aims and the disruptive effects of a work stoppage.

For women on higher incomes, assumptions about women in work are important, including unconscious bias when making decisions about attracting, recruiting, training and promoting staff. "Being public when we do things like this will make it more normal to see women doing things like this". Gender equality has a transformative effect that is essential to fully functioning communities, societies and economies. It doesn't mean the groups don't mean well; it means they can do better. Oh, and we still have to shell out for tampons, which frankly is like paying for the pleasure of having someone punch you in the uterus for one week every month.

As stated by the European Commission's country report, the increase of women in our labour market is substantial: still not what we want it to be, but there is a marked improvement. "The answer is discrimination".

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, CALD women who experience domestic violence face additional challenges and a fear of speaking out, including due to possible exclusion or persecution by their community.

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