The House Voted to Repeal Obamacare More Than 50 Times

Cheryl Sanders
March 26, 2017

But how bad was the defeat? Bad. And despite protests from Republicans, a leaked internal analysis from the White House was even worse, predicting 26 million would lose or be denied coverage.

Brady has been adamant that border adjustment will be part of the House tax reform, saying earlier this week that the provision was "a given" for final legislation but would include a transition period for import-heavy industries.

Trump told him GOP leaders had withdrawn the American Health Care Act from the House of Representatives floor, for lack of adequate support. "We had no Democrat support, we had no votes from the Democrats". Nobody will buy that. It also challenged the veracity of their long-held claims that a Republican president was all they needed to get big things accomplished. It was a disaster.

There was some talk today about the White House demanding a vote anyway, getting members on the record about the bill Trump wanted, but there was ultimately no point to the exercise. It was former President Bill Clinton, the last Democratic president before Obama.

On Friday, Spicer told reporters the president had gone through "extraordinary feats" to try to get the bill approved.

The reality, whether or not the president tried his absolute best-est, is that the bill went down in flames.

That promise began a whirlwind process featuring a series of cascading failures and embarrassments, culminating in GOP leaders giving up without so much as an up-or-down vote.

The outcome of Friday's vote was impossible to predict.

However, my guess is that if Pence does this, he'll lose a whole bunch of votes from moderate senators who won't be a party to something that effectively kills the filibuster. But Trump is the President. Instead, House Speaker Paul Ryan conceded that Obamacare would remain for the "foreseeable future".

As he stood before the cameras explaining the defeat, he looked and sounded like the coach of a team that had just lost a big game it had been favoured to win.

"We came really close", he said, "but we came up short". He sets the rules of debate.

"There's a fair number of folks who are no who are not members of the Freedom Caucus", he said. It also would allow insurers to charge older Americans more and repeal tax boosts the law imposed on high-income people and health industry companies.

The vote was pulled after an emotional day of speeches for and against the measure and a tumultuous string of days when lawmakers were bombarded with calls and emails and Republicans were courted by President Donald Trump and his team amid last-ditch negotiations legislative fixes to woo GOP moderates and conservatives.

Ryan said that Republicans would press on with the rest of their agenda, including efforts to overhaul the tax code, rebuild the military and pass a major infrastructure spending bill.

United States media described the decision to cancel the bill a humiliating defeat for Trump, who had campaigned on a promise to replace the Affordable Care Act, which is more popularly known as Obamacare. It will be hard to agree on where to go next, and not everyone will be keen to listen to a president who botched his first big legislative test.

For seven years Republicans have been promising that they will tear up the Obamacare "root and branch", in the words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

"Being against things is easy to do - you just have to be against it", Ryan said.

In 2010, Republicans won control of the House of Representatives.

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