The Big Changes Proposed in President Trump's 2018 Budget

Cheryl Sanders
March 19, 2017

King County's 2017-18 budget assumes about $50 million in federal grants for housing and community development, according to David Shurtleff, communications director for the Metropolitan King County Council.

Environmental Protection Agency could be cut by 31%, the New York Times reported.

It's hard to know how much President Trump had to do with specifics, both because he's not a "details guy" and he has few entrenched political beliefs.

But the $54 billion boost for the Pentagon would be offset by a "dramatic reduction" of 28 percent at the Department of State and slashed funding at other agencies, Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, confirmed Wednesday.

The core of the column argues that the budget will never pass Congress, but it sends a message to Americans and the world where the Trump administration values reside. The budget proposal would eliminate climate-change initiatives and slash foreign aid funding, United Nations contributions and cultural exchanges. "It's now up to Congress to restore funding, recognizing that America's economic and security interests are intertwined with the well-being of people and the planet".

As promising as some of the proposed cuts are, they would be swamped by additional military spending.

"These steps to reduce foreign assistance free up funding for critical priorities here at home and put America First", the Trump administration said, invoking one of the president's favorite themes in its summary of proposed spending for fiscal 2018.

In a vision that places military might above diplomacy to maintain American pre-eminence in the world, the White House on Thursday proposed to increase defence spending by $54 billion and slash the State Department funds by 28% to $37.6 billion in the USA budget for the next fiscal.

Homeland Security spending would rise nearly 7 percent if the administration had its way to a total of $44.1 billion.

The White House's proposed 2018 budget for the agency comes as Trump seeks to clear away regulations he claims are hobbling USA businesses - like oil drillers and coal miners. "No, I don't think so", Mulvaney responded.

Stacks of the blueprint - titled "America First" - were delivered to the Government Printing Office bookstore and a 62-page document was posted on the White House website early Thursday.

Though the budget rolls back spending on medical research, it reaffirms the government's efforts to fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS. Graham and others also will turn their attention to protecting funding for other valuable things like public television, scientific research and arts programs.

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