Support for GOP healthcare bill fades

Cheryl Sanders
March 30, 2017

Now is our time to keep that promise.

Those promises helped them keep control of the House and Senate and win the White House, but now, at the moment of truth, they are falling short.

U.S. stocks turned sharply lower on Tuesday, led by a fall in financial shares, as investors began to question how quickly the Trump administration can implement pro-growth policies.

Trump posted a video on Twitter Thursday asking people to get behind the plan.

"The House bill represents a very risky precedent for health care in the United States of America", said Sen.

But conservative lawmakers who are skeptical of the House bill could be hesitant to vote against it if such a vote might prompt a public shaming from the president.

The administration and House leadership can only afford to lose about 20 votes from Republican ranks or risk the bill failing since minority Democrats are united against it.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare was one of Trump's main campaign promises and has been a goal of Republicans since it was enacted. This is the first major legislative push of Trump's young presidency after taking office two months ago.

Donald Trump went to the Hill today to persuade Republicans to vote for the health care bill, and he left still lacking the votes to pass the legislation.

The revisions - and the pep talk from President Trump - may not be enough to get Trumpcare through the House, as right-wing lawmakers and activists continue to condemn the legislation.

The Congressional Budget Office said last week that 14 million people would forfeit coverage under the House bill over the next year, although that number could change based on the most current version of the legislation.

According to The Washington Post, the president held a closed-door meeting of House Republicans, with just a few days before the bill is expected to be voted on the House floor. But to their surprise, they, like their leader President Donald Trump, have come to discover that health care insurance is not simple.

"Mark Meadows, he called out two or three times", Flores told reporters. He added, "Oh Mark, I'm coming after you (triggering laughter in the meeting)". I am going to take care of everybody.

On the eve of Trump's visit to Capitol Hill, House leaders released a set of revisions to their bill, including a provision sought by Republicans from upstate NY that would shift Medicaid costs from counties to the state government.

Heritage Action will negatively score votes in favor of the House's ObamaCare repeal bill, the conservative group said Tuesday. One conservative group - the powerful Club for Growth - is running web ads urging a "no" vote and saying the bill is "a bad idea doubling down on disaster".

The Senate will also vote on the legislation and more changes could still be made.

Trump also name-checked Paul during his Louisville rally Monday night. There was no such provision in Monday's changes.

The new GOP draft would accelerate the repeal of a series of tax increases used to finance the ACA, so that they would be rescinded this year.

A Congressional Budget Office analysis found 14 million fewer people would have health coverage nearly immediately if the GOP bill is passed, with that number rising to 24 million fewer people insured by 2026.

Ryan also said Republicans were working on changes that would allow federal block grants to states for Medicaid and permit states to impose a work requirement for able-bodied Medicaid recipients.

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