Steven Universe RPG Coming To Consoles This Winter

Yolanda Curtis
March 10, 2017

"Steven Universe" is finally heading its way to the PlayStation 4 console with an RPG called "Save the Light". Officially titled Steven Universe: Save The Light, the game will be a sequel to the 2015 mobile game Attack the Light. Steven Universe: Save The Light will feature an original story crafted by series creator Rebecca Sugar. It's an original tale that serves "as an entry point for players unfamiliar with Steven Universe", while also building out the lore for long-time fans. Getting Attack the Light, Teeny Titans and Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out developer Grumpyface to start making console titles sounds like an excellent solution.

Cartoon Network has announced Save the Light, a Steven Universe RPG and followup to the hit 2015 mobile game Attack the Light, and OK K.O.!

According to reports, Steven will play a more active role in "Save the Light" and he will be joined by the crystal gems - Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, as well as side characters Greg Universe and Connie.

GrumpyFace Studios designed the game so that even the newcomers will be pleased.

"Steven Adventure: Save the Light" will also feature an updated battle system.

From the creative mind of artist Ian Jones-Quartey and developed by award-winning Capybara Games, this action brawler with RPG elements is set in the outrageous world of the upcoming Cartoon Network Studios animated series OK K.O.!

There's no release date beyond the summer window, but console owners can look forward to learning more about the very cute, very stylish game at PAX East this weekend.

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