Sonic Mania reveals Green Hill Zone Act 2, new bosses

Yolanda Curtis
March 11, 2017

Green Hill Zone Act 2 also has a "notably different" boss battle.

"Green Hill Zone Act 2" will be a new Act exclusive to the upcoming Sonic Mania, Sega announced.

According to the commentary on the video, Act 2 is loosely based on an early prototype for Green Hill Zone, and the deve team has sprinkled a few Easter Eggs throughout the level.

Sonic Mania is developed by SEGA of America in collaboration with Christian Whitehead, PagodaWest Games, and Headcannon.

That's if you're Sonic, but you can play as Knuckles and Tails too, if you want. The video game is slated to launch at some point this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

If the first act of Green Hill Zone is a favorite of yours in the stage selection of Sonic's universe, then you will be in for a surprise in that there are new mechanics, secrets and obstacles to discover. These enemies are in relation to Dr. Eggman (or Dr. Pingas) and his "new dangerous" arsenal, and each are equipped with unique skills.

The first of the Hard-Boiled Heavies is the "Heavy Gunner", who will appear at the end of the Hollywood-inspired Studiopolis Act 1. The latter in particular is notable, because it allows Sonic to burn away wooden bridges to reach new areas with hidden items.

The new gameplay footage and details about the game just further spark excitement over this title, which blends Genesis-era Sonic with the modern times ad presenting a new experience both old and new fans are expected to enjoy.

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