SNP calls for new referendum, Sinn Fein demands border poll

Cheryl Sanders
March 30, 2017

She also lashed out at Labour, calling the party an "embarrassing shambles of an opposition". Only supporting the Conservative government could prevent that process beginning, but the government lost.

There has been talk at the conference of the possibility of a consultative referendum, a poll not authorized by the British parliament.

Her reasoning for doing so is the intransigence of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government in refusing to countenance the prospect of Scotland being given leave to secure a separate arrangement with Brussels, whereby it could retain its membership of the single market regardless of Brexit.

Mr Brown, an architect of the 2014 "vow" promising Holyrood more powers in the event of a No vote to independence, proposed a range of controls be passed to the Scottish Parliament after Brexit. However the question remains as to which currency would Scotland adopt, and, that question became a key issue in the "NO" campaign.

"And we will ask Parliament's permission to seek the legal authority that will allow the people of Scotland to have that choice".

"Or I could make a plan now to put the Scottish people in charge of our own future".

"Are our opponents really saying that Canada can't be independent because their largest trading partner is the U.S.?"

And, as usual, economic policy was reduced to platitudes. Whether they're in whisky or shipbuilding or in transport or retail or in public administration or in financial services, there are a million jobs.

Then there is the matter of some MSPs believing they have a
"mandate" to deliver a second
independence referendum.

Ms Sturgeon said she had been met with a "brick wall of intransigence" in her negotiations with Ms May, and warned the PM that "if she shows the same condescension and inflexibility to other countries as she has to Scotland, then the Brexit negotiations will hit the rocks".

For this reason, he added, the party has every reason to be confident. The trump has never been overturned.

Scots rejected independence by 55-45 percent in a referendum in September 2014. Ms Sturgeon can place her own spin on the referendum result, using phrases such as Scotland being "dragged" out of the European Union to whip up sentiment for her highly divisive case, but the reality is that Scots chose the United Kingdom in full
possession of the facts of what might happen down the road. "Those who voted to leave the United Kingdom and the majority who voted to remain in the United Kingdom don't want to back to the divisions of the past". But the majority of Scots voted in favor of Britain staying in the European Union in June with 62 percent voting remain and 38 percent voting leave.

Of course the SNP can not win a vote on a Section 30 Order by itself, it has also lost its mandate of a parliamentary majority and must rely on the support of the Green Party. This even though last week Spain become the latest European Union member state to tell them such a seamless transition would be impossible.

When pressed on the BBC
yesterday, the Green leader, Patrick Harvie, was embarrassingly inept and unconvincing in justifying
support for the SNP's betrayal of "once in a lifetime". However, there's a great possibility that Brexit negotiations won't be finalised by this point, with concerns discussions could take up the best part of a decade. Ms. Sturgeon would be wise to learn from the past, as referendums can have dire and unpredictable consequences on a political career.

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