Sky Q gets Voice search, Facebook video and a revamped user interface

Yolanda Curtis
March 22, 2017

SKY Q customers can now talk to their remote to play TV shows, films and sport programmes.

The new feature utilises a button on the side of the Sky Q remote that many will have completely failed to notice exist (ok, so we hadn't noticed it, happy now?).

It means customers can now search for their TV shows by saying the title, actor, director, genre, time or even star rating.

Customers can also link their Facebook profiles to the new UI, which will enable viewing of Facebook videos and photos from within the my photos section.

The latest Sky Q remote comes with a voice button linked to a microphone which users can speak into to search for content. In 2018, Sky will launch Sky TV without the need for a satellite dish.

The software will be available to current Sky Q users in the United Kingdom by the end of spring.

The update featuring voice search will arrive on your TV automatically.

From today, Sky Q subscribers can use voice search to find movies and TV content.

I've heard there's a hidden movie quotes feature in the new Sky Q voice search?

Some customers will have the update by now although others might have to wait as it's being rolled out in stages.

Sky has tweaked the main menu - making the My Q tab the new Sky Q homepage.

Around 600,000 homes around the United Kingdom have a Sky Q box. "We want to make it even faster and easier for them to search, discover and watch TV." said Bradley-Jones. "With the technology delivered by TiVo, we are enabling our customers to use natural, voice-based queries to find new and favourite TV to enjoy". The company also claims that the solution will be able to recognize phrases from famous movies and will be able to bring up the movies when the famous quotes are spoken by the user. Updated continuously via data ingestion and news crawlers, the knowledge graph includes information produced and curated by hundreds of content editors, predictive search results, and behavioral indicators from social networks. "This implementation further reinforces the value of TiVo's product portfolio in bringing the latest capabilities to pay-TV homes across Europe".

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