Schumer confirms Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch

Carla Harmon
March 31, 2017

It is not yet clear whether Senate Democrats will stand united or opt to hold their fire, but they will likely have to decide fast. David Carle, a spokesman for Leahy, said the senator meant to submit additional questions for Gorsuch to answer under oath.

"I am not going to start to tell Sen".

Among judges who have worked with him, U.S. District Judge John Kane praised Gorsuch's independence and cordiality.

Democrats Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, both of MA, and Vermont Sen.

After the hearing, the Judiciary panel is expected to vote in the next two weeks to recommend Gorsuch favorably to the full Senate. And McConnell has vowed Gorsuch will be confirmed by the Senate before it takes its Easter recess on April 7.

Some Democrats have already said they want to try and block the nomination. Spicer said Trump, in light of Schumer's comments, would discuss Senate confirmation strategy with Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It's unclear if he will have those votes.

Now, Democrats are declaring opposition saying they have concerns about his "rigid and restrictive judicial philosophy".

"He should have been much more direct", Blumenthal said. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, a state carried by Trump, also announced he would oppose Gorsuch and join filibustering Democrats.

A committee of the American Bar Association evaluating Gorsuch came up with its highest rating of well-qualified, based on his integrity, professional competence and temperament. If Republicans don't have the votes, though, they could attempt to change the rules - the so-called "nuclear option". But his decision to support the filibuster of Gorsuch is significant.

As the Judiciary Committee completed its fourth and final day of Gorsuch's confirmation hearing, the spotlight turned to whether he gains the support of vulnerable Democratic senators facing re-election in 2018.

"Feinstein, the committee's senior Democrat, summed up her colleagues" frustration. "And maybe that's a virtue, I don't know". And the only important issue is his understanding of the Constitution and his fidelity to it. "It's to change the nominee", he said. A Supreme Court seat is a lifetime appointment. During his term, the 45th president could also have other opportunities related to the Supreme Court, as three sitting justices are in their late 70s and early 80s, as well as to nominate hundreds of federal judges.

"Senator, I would have walked out the door".

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