Rihanna's Marion Crane Finally Has Her Shower Scene In 'Bates Motel'

Carla Harmon
March 29, 2017

"And Bates Motel didn't disappoint when it came to recreating Hitchcock's iconic Psycho shower scene, showing guest star Rihanna stripping off".

Fresh from stealing a briefcase filled with $400,000, Crane lands at Norman Bates' motel.

Rihanna's nude Bates Motel shower scene can be seen below (viewers should note that it doesn't actually show any nudity).

That was presumably the same fate awaiting Rihanna's Marion. but the show presented the scene with a killer twist. But, "Bates Motel" takes a different approach. When she pulls into the parking lot, motel owner Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) greets his handsome guest and makes her a ham sandwich while she waits for her adulterous lover, Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols), to arrive.

So after ditching her shower with a Bad Girl RiRi-ish "screw this shit", Marion hits the road and her cheating bae gets the famous Norman Bates acupuncture treatment in her stead. "I can't", Rihanna said. Fans expecting an exact recreation of the infamous shower stabbing scene from 1960's "Psycho" are thrown for a bit of a loop when the person ripping open the shower curtain isn't a murderous Norman Bates, but Rihanna herself. He's the one who ends up being slashed to death, not Marion. "Where has it gotten me?" By realizing definitively that Mother is an internal construct, Norman can no longer give himself a pass for his blackouts, his urges, or anything Mother does when she's driving. Forget Sam, and just start over.

Norman stabbed Sam repeatedly, in what was nearly a shot-for-shot remake of the original scene.

"We did not want to just do what the movie did", said executive producer Carlton Cuse.

Instead he sets his sights on her lover, Sam Loomis, who happened to take a shower while searching for Marion.

"There were certain things that we really wanted to duplicate [like how Sam fell from the tub when he died]", Nichols told Yahoo TV. And then we got two immensely satisfying episodes out of it. "It was trying to do a story about a contemporary woman with some edge, with some expectations, who isn't ideal, who isn't always perfectly sweet, who is in that situation, but we're rooting for her to get what she wants".

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