Outlast 2 Rated For Australian Release After All

Pablo Tucker
March 24, 2017

Games can not legally be sold in Australia without a rating.

Last week, it was reported that Outlast 2 won't be getting a formal release in Australia. And that's a figurative light of day as Outlast 2, like a lot of horror games, seems to take place exclusively at night. The game hasn't been modified in any way from when it was first submitted for review.the Classification Board simply changed its mind. That report also stated that if it were not for the sexual violence, the game would have been given an R18+ rating. Furthermore, while Game Rant is certainly no fan of censorship, it could be argued that the temporary ban actually worked out in Red Barrels favor.

This happened after the Australian Classification recently banned Outlast 2 for an off-screen sexually implied act.

Just earlier this week an Australian senator told censors to "leave games alone".

Australian Classification Board has confirmed that Outlast 2 will launch on March 21st, 2017 in Australia.

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