Nintendo To Air Three-Part 'Breath Of The Wild' Documentary

Yolanda Curtis
March 14, 2017

Now that best time is held by American gymnast86, who finished the game in 58 minutes and one second.

One of the techniques that gymnast86 used in his journey was to keep the D-pad down while holding down the B button, which makes it possible to hold the race while recovering some resistance. The technique causing some controversy amongst speedrunners though is the use of amiibo.

Iwata, who carved out an entertainment legacy with popular franchises including Zelda, Pokemon and Super Mario Bros, passed away in 2015. Link amiibo you can summon Epona, a technique the speedrunner in second place, Orcastraw, utilizes.

"I wanted to create a game world that conveyed the same feeling you get when you are exploring a new city for the first time". According to Takizawa, the decision to remove some of Link's trademark clothing from the game also has to do the accidental lore Nintendo established via previous incarnations of the hat. However, I'm not a speedrunner myself, so maybe that community has some hangups of which I'm not aware.

Dressing up Link is one of the many curiously addictive distractions available to Breath of the Wild players. While I'm more of the type to take it slow and see the scenery, I love seeing what speedrunners discover about a game in their quest to shave seconds off their overall completion time.

If you're interested in game-making or Nintendo in general (or more specifically interested in Breath of the Wild) be sure to check in tomorrow morning with Nintendo to watch.

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