New 'Flash' Costume Debuts in 'Once and Future Flash' Trailer

Carla Harmon
March 29, 2017

This could also be interpreted as: "You are the past, whereas I am the Future Flash" Till now we've only seen the helpful and kind Barry.

Sure, that's rude, but this is Iris' life and death, people!

They quickly realised that they had to play along with the storyline of the musical, which involved helping two warring families accept a forbidden relationship between Iris and Mon-El. If the answers they need to stop Savitar and save Iris are in the future, that's where he needs to go.

After waking up, Barry and Kara were told by the Music Meister that he wanted them to realise their love for each other.

Whether or not Barry will be able to prevent Iris' (Candice Patton) death from happening, executive producer Todd Helbing revealed that Season 3 finale will catch up to that grim night from the future, which the viewers have already seen many times over the previous episodes of the season. Tonight, the superhero could finally take a step ahead of the big villain of season 3 of The Flash in the " Episode 18 entitled "Abra Kadabra". Being from the future, Kadabra claimed that he knew who Savitar really is under that scary mask - and promised to reveal Savitar's identity.

Tune in to Sky 1 HD at 9pm on Tuesday to see the episode. Barry is angry that Gypsy intervened, but she is not ready to back down. Abra offers Barry the identity of Savitar if he lets him free and Barry actually considers it for a while.

At this point it's a cliché to say that every hero is only as good as his or her foe, but it's quite true.

And as much as Cisco might like to talk about their kiss, Gypsy's focus is entirely on catching Abra Kadabra. Caitlin could die? Could this event change the future and thus save Iris? This greatly impresses Julian and they appear to be on course to happy coupledom, but this is Caitlin Snow, after all.

The real Abra Kadabra shows up at STAR Labs and begins destroying the place as he's in pursuit of a piece of technology he wants to steal. They run into Abra Kadabara, who phases them into a glass container and begins filling it with water to drown the guards. Joe, Caitlin, and Julian find Kadabra by the elevator and after using an explosive, the latter escapes. Flash runs back just in time, but the villain tries to bargain with his alleged knowledge of Savitar's true identity. "I don't know what I can do to save you". If only the songs had told the story rather than the episode being dialogue driven. Oh, and one last thing: absent from the episode until the last sequence. Their efforts to save her don't work, but Julian deicdes to rip the power inhibiting necklace off her. Cisco understands she was just doing what she felt like she had to do and assures her that he'll come around but Caitlin thinks otherwise. That saves her life, but only by making her go full Killer Frost.

Check out the "Once and Future Flash" trailer above, and stay tuned for more on Season 3's endgame as we head into April. Don't underestimate him, because I think if he comes back, armed with a better script and at a time in the season where there aren't bigger fish to fry, we'll have a little more fun.

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