Michael Brown Video Footage Sheds New Light on His Death

Cheryl Sanders
March 14, 2017

According to CNN, Stranger Fruit, which debuted at the Austin, Texas, festival on Saturday evening, featured footage of the unarmed black teen entering Ferguson Market and Liquor Store 11 hours before he was accused of robbing it in 2014.

Police officers were asked to come the Ferguson Market around 10:45 p.m.to help control the crowd, the department said.

A film that was premiered at the SXSW annual event titled Stranger Fruit has many people revisiting the circumstances of the shooting.

Witnesses have given conflicting accounts of Brown's encounter a short time later with police officer Darren Wilson.

Pollock said the clip challenges what police said was a strong-armed robbery the following night, which they supported with surveillance footage showing Brown grabbing the neck of the shopkeeper. Brown is shown walking toward the door with the sack, then turning around and handing the cigarillos back across the counter before exiting. Brown giving a small bag of marijuana to store employees and receiving cigarillos in return as part of a negotiated deal.

The footage released earlier showed Brown just before he was killed appearing to have a disagreement with a Market employee and pushing them before taking the cigarillos. The 18-year-old walks toward the door and then hands the bag back to the clerk before leaving.

The footage, culled from a single camera, does not shed new light on the shooting itself.

But Ferguson Market attorney Jay Kanzler, who spoke with the group of about 100 protesters late Sunday night, said the newly-released video of Brown visiting the store had always been in the possession of both police and Brown's family.

Brown started to leave with a bag but turned around and handed it back to the clerks to hold for him, Pollock said in the documentary. A grand jury and a federal civil rights investigation failed to indict Wilson in the Brown shooting, which sparked nationwide protests over a rash of police-involved shootings of black men. The altercation is what police said prompted the store to call 911. "This shows their intention to make [Michael] look bad. And shows suppression of evidence", Pollock continued.

Michael Brown subsequently left the convenience store and was confronted by police who shot him to death after Officer Darren Wilson claimed Brown refused to obey orders and lunged at him.

He said that the full surveillance video, which has still not been released since 2014, is set to be released Monday.

Both the St.Louis Police Department and a lawyer for the store spoke out against Pollock's interpretation.

Wilson, who claimed he was in fear for his life, was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by a county grand jury and federal civil rights investigators on November 24, 2014.

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