House Speaker Paul Ryan recorded denouncing Donald Trump during presidential campaign

Cheryl Sanders
March 14, 2017

However, the criticism turned into an all-out assault against Ryan this week when Breitbart suddenly released an "exclusive" audio clip from an October conference call in which the house speaker can be heard telling fellow Republicans he'd never defend then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ever again.

'I am not going to defend Donald Trump - not now, not in the future.

The House speaker also said on the call that Trump's vulgar comments, which were captured prior to a 2005 appearance on "Access Hollywood", do not fit the GOP's "principles and values".

"This was in response to that, but as everyone knows, they came together toward the end of the campaign and the speaker vocally supported him and even campaigned with Pence."

In the days before the CBO score came out, Breitbart was featuring conservative attacks on AHCA, most notably in an interview with Sarah Palin wherein the author of the "death panel" smear of Obamacare called the new bill "RINO-Care" and "socialized medicine".

Ryan then seemed to suggest that candidate Trump was doomed and the only viable future lay in preserving a House majority.

"I'm doing what I think is best for you, the members, not what's best for me." he said.

Amid an intensifying battle over health care reform, Breitbart News has escalated its battle against House Speaker Paul Ryan. Personally, you need to decide what's best for you. In mid-October, the right-wing website published its lead story with the headline: "He's with her: Inside Paul Ryan's months-long campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president". "It's wonderful how easy she could be beaten".

Although Ryan and Trump have made an effort to patch up their relationship since Trump's surprising win in November, the tape's publication could re-complicate things between the two.

Breitbart, which was previously run by current White House strategist Steve Bannon, has reserved most of its negative coverage on the bill for Ryan. Ryan disinvited Trump from a planned joint event, and distanced himself from the Republican nominee both in public and in private, as Trump supporters (and likely Trump himself) will now be reminded.

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