Donald Trump blasts conservatives on Twitter over health care bill failure

Andrew Cummings
March 29, 2017

Democrats said the bill would have taken away medical insurance from millions of Americans and leave the more-than-$3 trillion U.S. healthcare system in disarray. The vote was indeed a defining moment - a test in which the Freedom Caucus had to decide: Would it remain a minoritarian opposition bloc whose only role was to defend truth without compromise?

And none other than "the closer", a President Donald Trump whose calling card is his skill at dealmaking.

They asked for language capping the maximum income to receive the tax credit - and got it. In a statement, Young called the GOP bill "a very good start" but said the bill "does not yet get it right".

The efforts come as Trump himself has gone on the attack against the Freedom Caucus. So he cut them off, sending former Freedom Caucus member Mick Mulvaney, his Office of Management and Budget director, to Capitol Hill to deliver a message: The president was done negotiating. Without the Freedom Caucus, Ryan would not be speaker. The bill was pulled from the House floor Friday in a humiliating political defeat for the president, having lacked support from either the conservative Republicans or Democrats.

The retreat on the party's top legislative priority was a jarring defeat for President Donald Trump and Republican leaders. Meanwhile, even as he tries to evade responsibility for his actions, even some members of the Freedom Caucus itself are distancing themselves from the group and the role it played in scuttling AHCA.

Small but symbolic gestures of support are cropping up for the Freedom Caucus in conservative corners nationwide.

Indeed, Trump is already writing them off. President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan chose to pull the bill from the House floor on Friday after it became clear it was bound to fail.

Republican lawmakers say there's a consensus to keep working on health care.

"It's disappointing. We've got to fulfill our promises", said Sen. This is not anything but a Democrat health care [law].

Thankfully for conservatives, Democrats have thus far shown no interest in working with Trump. There is a simple, obvious lesson to take from the failure of Ryan and his team to succeed on the passage of a measure where Republicans should absolutely be unified: the Congress can not function without a more open and inclusive process on the creation of legislation and the strategy used to deploy it. Ryan is a smart, insightful politician, but he started working on this repeal effort at a time when Donald Trump was still just a reality TV star.

Will the Freedom Caucus learn from its mistake? "We always have been and I think more so now than ever". It is time to lead. The group demanded more extreme repeal measures of Obamacare and had enough votes to block the bill's passage in the House.

Conservatives, however, may be disappointed that they wouldn't score many wins in such legislation, even though Republicans control the entire government.

Mo Brooks of Alabama said he plans to force a vote on a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act using a procedural tool that could cause some major headaches for GOP leadership.

What's so utterly disgraceful, is not just that Republicans failed so miserably, but that they barely tried.... Unless and until they choose otherwise, they will never fundamentally change the direction of America - which, one assumes, is why its members ran for office in the first place.

Marc Thiessen writes a weekly column for The Washington Post on foreign and domestic policy and contributes to the PostPartisan blog.

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