Apple Patent Envisions Turning Your iPhone or iPad Into a MacBook

Yolanda Curtis
March 24, 2017

Apple still sees the iPhone and the Mac as different computing devices that can perform various tasks. The laptop itself would have a keyboard, larger display, and batteries.

Replacing your now laptop's touchpad, the phone would clip in and bring processing power to a device that's essentially a shell with a screen and a battery.

It adds that: "The host device provides substantially all processing resources and has full access to at least one operational component".

Along with this, the patent application also mentions that the electronic accessory device would be inoperable without the electronic host device coupled to the control interface. Apple has explored adding touch capabilities to its laptops with last year's MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a new patent which reveals that Apple is considering an iPhone Laptop Dock, a device that converts iPhone into a laptop.

If you'd like to delve deeper into Apple's patent filing (application 20170083048) to see all of the usage scenarios it suggests for this device, hit up the source link below.

Jamf announced this week businesses will soon be able to deploy Apple TVs across the enterprise using its new iOS management software, according to a press release. Furthermore, the iPhone will handle the processing, wireless communication and touch input from the user, while the laptop will not do much but only provide power, a keyboard and display.

The HP Elite x3 Lap Dock uses the same idea of a smartphone inserted into a slot into a laptop-style dumb terminal.

Apple's patent application was filed back in Q3 2016, meaning it was a move that was made recently by the company. The patent application, which was earlier discovered by Apple Insider, is called, simply "Electronic accessory device". The host device can be a portable computing device, such as, for example, a smart phone, media player, tablet computer, or other portable computing device. As is always the case, having a patent doesn't necessarily mean Apple will bring this sort of thing to fruition.

Instead, there would be a slot with the shape of an iPhone on which the flagship would sit.

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