Senator Jeff Sessions Confirmed As US Attorney General

Cheryl Sanders
February 12, 2017

Just days earlier Trump repeated a false statement that he issued during his campaign that the crime rate in the at its highest in 47 years.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was sworn in Thursday as the 84th attorney general of the United States as President Trump signed three executive actions aimed at bolstering law enforcement. Later he described it as a "task force on crime reduction and public safety". But preliminary mid-year data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation suggested that the 2016 murder rate might show another clear increase, one that might have been significantly driven by the historic rise in Chicago, as well as other cities with the most severe gun violence problems. "Concerns about a national crime wave are still premature, but these trends suggest a need to understand how and why murder is increasing in some cities".

In Sessions, however, Trump has found someone else willing to perpetuate the myth of out of control crime in the US.

US President Donald Trump has signed three executive orders on "public safety", including handing more authority to the police.

Sessions, a longtime Senator from Alabama who was once deemed too racist to serve as a federal judge, told reporters that the United States "has a crime problem". Sessions' nomination represents a near-180-degree flip in the values and priorities of the Justice Department.

Clearly, the new administration has discovered that presidential signing ceremonies make for good optics.

Americans in Support of Law Enforcement ( believes that these executive orders will help to restore faith and confidence within the law enforcement community that the government, from the White House down, will support and defend the men and women who risk their lives to protect our communities.

"It's time to dismantle the gangs terrorizing our citizens, and it's time to ensure that every young American can be raised in an environment of decency, dignity, love and support", Trump said at the event on Wednesday.

Trump said one of the task forces will be focused specifically on the problem of violence against police. Traffic-related incidents have been the leading cause of on-duty officer fatalities during this period, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. That's gonna stop as of today, ' Trump declared in remarks.

But foremost on his growing list of responsibilities appears to be defending President Trump's executive orders - not least of which includes a ruling by a federal appeals court upholding an order that bars enforcement of the president's executive order on travel and refugees. Some advocates worry that he is not adequately concerned, though, with police abuses and those killed by police.

By supporting civil rights inquiries into the Ferguson and Baltimore police departments and expressing an interest in improving police-community relations, President Obama had, by this view, chosen "the side" of the disorderly protesters.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an affiliation of five civil rights organizations, has blasted the record of Attorney General Jeff Sessions - who was confirmed through a floor vote in the Senate Feb. 8 - as a troubling blow to immigration and civil rights.

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