Pentagon Provided Intel for Iraqi Airstrikes in Syria

Cheryl Sanders
February 25, 2017

The Associated Press (AP) reports: "The [PMF] forces' spokesman, Ahmed al-Asadi, said on Wednesday that the villages being targeted are located southwest of the town of Tal Afar, still held by the Islamic State group". However, he said, details of the strategy will remain private, explaining it is a "plan to attack an enemy and I don't think we're going to want to telegraph too much of it".

The east side of Mosul was declared liberated by Iraqi forces in late January after a three-month long operation, when Iraqi units incurred high casualty rates due to the Isis deployment of large numbers of suicide vehicle bombs.

These prices are unaffordable for a population that has spent two and a half years already suffering under harsh militant rule where smoking is banned and women must cover from head to toe.

While it was not immediately clear whether CTS forces would seek to push deep into the city or simply set up positions on the edge, the move marks another landmark in the protracted Mosul operation.

Ahmed Atiya, a civilian escaping from an area where fighting was taking place today in south west Mosul, told news agency Reuters, "Daesh [Isis] fled when counterterrorism Humvees reached al-Mamoun".

Despite denials from the USA military, Reuters has confirmed that Shiite militias closely aligned with the Iranian government and the Islamic Republic's terrorist proxy Hezbollah are actively participating in the offensive to liberate of Mosul.

After weeks spent redeploying across the vast theatre of operations, Iraqi forces rekindled the offensive on Sunday, with the airport the initial target. "It might be more hard", Saadi admitted.

Iraq began its invasion of Mosul back in October, and claimed to have fully captured the city's east in January, though ongoing fighting has been reported there ever since.

The American forces are not supposed to be engaged in the fighting under Washington's terms of the US involvement in Iraq.

"Al-Baghdadi's dogs could not bear their huge loss, and their suicide bombers have begun to take revenge", said field commander Abu Jaafar of the Mutasem Brigades.

After a lightning advance, the rebels became mired in a drawn-out conflict in Al-Bab which proved to be the bloodiest fight in Turkey's campaign, where Ankara suffered most of its 71 losses thus far.

In a separate incident, two suicide auto bombers struck army and paramilitary forces west of Mosul on Monday, killing and wounding a number of troops, two army officers said, with ISIL claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Displaced Iraqis flee their homes during a battle February 23 with Islamic State militants in the Maamoun district in western Mosul, Iraq.

Yesterday's raid was the deadliest to date against the border guard.

A USA defense official told CNN this week that the document would include strategies, goals and resources needed to accelerate the fight, potentially proposing an increase in resources for Syria.

Iraq's prime minister promised to hunt down ISIS terrorists, no matter where they are.

The US military-led review includes input from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as well as from the Treasury Department and the intelligence community.

On Friday, they attacked a border guard position near the Trebil crossing with Jordan, which lies about 500 kilometres (310 miles) west of the capital Baghdad.

Coalition and Iraqi officials believe ISIS has laced the city with booby traps and hidden bombs, and crisscrossed Mosul with a latticework of underground tunnels to evade air attack and to outmaneuver advancing forces.

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