Montefiore, Northwell, Westchester Med want Affordable Care Act fix

Henrietta Brewer
February 15, 2017

I'm deeply concerned that Congressman Andy Harris will vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act against the best interests of Marylanders, particularly the vulnerable communities, I can tell you first hand that access to health insurance improves health. And if so, will an increasing number of Republican members of Congress get cold feet about their efforts to toss the law overboard?

The first signer was Dr. Randy Rissman, who recently retired from his long-time practice with Maverick Family Health, just after joining the HealthQuest group of care providers and facilities. Other doctors have also signed, as well as nurses, social workers, physical therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, dietitians, naturopaths, and dentists.

Perhaps that's why Republicans were willing to overlook Scalise's 2002 appearance at an event sponsored by a hate group named "EURO" - the European-American Unity and Rights Organization. My mom was orphaned at a very young age, and we had no other family to help us, so we relied nearly exclusively on government assistance to survive. However, it has many good points that must be preserved in any viable replacement. "In particular, the unconscionable policies of rejecting applicants due to pre-existing conditions must never return". That's because then, thanks to the MA precursor to the ACA, health security wasn't a factor in my decision-I knew I just had to work as hard as I could to make it, and if I didn't, that failure would be on me. "We look forward to helping you be a champion, a thought leader, and a force for change and improvement in local and national health care delivery". Given President-elect Donald Trump's selections to lead HHS and CMS (HPW 12/4/16, p. 4), it's expected that states will be granted greater autonomy to experiment with their Medicaid programs. She worked for years as a consultant for progressive non-profits, where organizing and advocacy were part of her job, but she had not taken political action on a personal level before.

The uncertainty is opening Republicans to attacks from Democrats. With what is left of the minute of fame that I have been given, I feel compelled to ask for forgiveness for not using my belief system to advocate more clearly for what I think is the best thing to do. As a congressman, New York's Ed Koch routinely voted for liberal social and welfare proposals. I was puzzled by politicians who argued that getting rid of the ACA would give people more choices and freedom.

Harkleroad said Duke LifePoint has lobbyists working on the issue. "I am now being forced to choose between taking care of my family and following my professional ambition". The signatures accumulated rapidly. "There's no Republican plan to fix the Affordable Care Act". Predictability and sensible minimum requirements for all health insurance plans actually allow me to feel free in other areas of my life-that kind of reliability is invaluable to anyone who is self-employed. "Most kids don't have a lot of health expenses".

Long said he believes Trump will ensure that no one who has insurance now will lose that coverage.

Before the ACA, federal employees were insured under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

"I'm hoping that's the case", O'Hare said. "We have it on video".

The Affordable Care Act impacts just about everyone. Between 2013, when the ACA exchanges launched, and year-end 2015, the number of self-employed people has increased 3.5% to almost 183,000.

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