Mobile promo launching March 1 will offer free line of service

Yolanda Curtis
February 28, 2017

T-Mobile's newest promotion is coming soon.

T-Mobile's big promotion starts on March 1, and the carrier says customers who canceled a line after January 1 are ineligible. The new offer, which can be combined with the current one, can save customers $40 a month if they have a third line.

The deal is created to draw in new customers, and appears to be a direct response to the increasing competition T-Mobile is facing from other carriers-all of which have finally followed T-Mobile in offering unlimited data plans. T-Mobile is now offering a deal with two lines for $100 or three lines for $140, with taxes and fees included in that price. Small businesses with up to 11 lines can get in on the deal on their T-Mobile @Work account. As detailed on T-Mobile's website, "The free line will match your current paid voice line data, i.e. T-Mobile ONE customers will receive a FREE T-Mobile ONE line and similarly, Simple Choice customers will receive a FREE Simple Choice line". Regardless of how it is used, the free line is given in the form of a bill credit. The promotion will be available for a limited time only.

The deal will apply to users on T-Mobile One, Simple Choice and Simple Choice No Credit plans.

The carrier notes that the free line can be used for any goal, be it another smartphone or tablet, smartwatch, or hot spot.

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