Mike Pence Calls On Conservatives To Mobilize In CPAC Speech

Cheryl Sanders
February 24, 2017

Speaking of the presidential election, Pence said, "the establishment never saw it coming".

"The media, the elites, the insiders, everybody else who profits off preserving the status quo, they dismissed our president", Pence said.

He also said the Affordable Care Act was a "job killer". "This is still government of the people, by the people and for the people", he proclaimed.

The vice president's remarks came a day before Trump himself is set to take the stage at the annual conservative meeting. The fight goes on.

But some Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, are convinced that the constituents - angry about losing their health insurance and making it known to their representatives - are just "liberal activists".

This evening, Vice President Pence told CPAC that President Trump is already "restoring the culture of life" in America. The appointment process for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Neil Gorsuch is speculated to take two to three months, with an estimated sworn-in time frame of April.

CPAC began Wednesday and will run through Saturday, focusing on discussions to advance the president's conservative agenda.

'History will attest, every time America produces a leader who builds on this firm foundation, our nation reaches heights that once seemed unreachable, ' he said, using soaring rhetoric.

"This is the chance we've worked so hard for so long to see". But he said this was the time to prove that conservative answers are the best answers for the country - more jobs, lower taxes, a strong military and respect for the Constitution.

"Despite the best efforts of liberal activists around the country, the American people know better", Pence told CPAC attendees at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland. "This failed law is crippling the American economy and crushing the American people, Higher costs, fewer choices, worse care". Last year, premiums skyrocketed by a stunning 25 percent.

Pence said the Trump administration believes in "respect for the Constitution and the values that have made America great and a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the American people".

Pence also pledged to rebuild the US military and "restore the arsenal of democracy" and "hunt down and destroy [the Islamic State terror group] at its source so they can no longer threaten our nation and our families".

Still, Pence said, he had no hesitation when asked to join Trump's ticket and was proud to serve with "a man for president who never quits, he never backs down, he is a fighter, he is a victor".

He emphasized that President Trump's position on life is one of the reasons he is most proud to stand with the President.

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