Snoop Dogg backs Khabib Nurmagomedov to beat Conor McGregor

Ross Houston
November 16, 2016

The hip-hop artiste backs and supports his new favorite UFC champion against any lightweight opponent in the division including Conor McGregor. UFC 205 supporters, plus all major sports books are aware that Khabib Nurmagomev won against Michael Johnson in the third round of their fighting competition, something would affect greatly the online MMA betting odds.

What they don’t know is that Rogan was not the only individual providing commentary about the match. As everyone can see in the above video, hip hop artist snoop Dogg also expressed his views and thoughts. As you are all hear, he made absolutely hilarious comments.

As snoop Dogg watches the lightweight clash, Snoop heaps praise on Khabib before accepting he does not have any clue of who he is. Snoop then makes some rather funny observations while struggling with the Russian fighter’s difficult to pronounce surname.

After witnessing Khabib’s win, he announces that he is now 24-0 before he claims he is very much in the fighter’s corner. Snoop Dogg posted the final edition of the fighting clip to his Instagram page with the caption…”Habeeeeeeb”

Nurmagomedov could fight against lightweight champion Conor McGregor in his next fighting competition, after the Irishman took the title on UFC 205 card.

McGregor and Khabib faced each other at the weigh in for the event when the two fighters had to be kept apart by security agents as they both exchanged bitter words. Khabib has made no secret of his desire to meet McGregor again inside the octagon. He has made it ultimately clear that he is more willing and impatient about meeting his opponent. He is very mad and wants to prove that he is the legend of the match.

McGregor knocked Eddie Alvarez out in two consecutive rounds. He made history by becoming the first fighter in UFC to hold two belts at the same time. But he is not lucky at all, Nurmagomedov is mad and getting impatient. He is readying himself to meet McGregor.

Khabib Nurmagomedov nicknamed as The Eagle has gained something of a cult for his distinctive Papakha hat, headwear that is native to the Caucasus region where the fighter calls home, and the one that he wears during ring walks and also in-post fight interviews.

In post interview for UFC205, Khabib called out McGregor by calling him a chicken. Hahaha. This is amusing and more of a way to provoke and belittle him. Nurmagomedov said that he wants to stay humble but other guys/his competitors talk too much.

Russia 150 million, Irish only 6 million, I want to fight your chicken. What do you think about the 24-win streak? I’m gonna fight your chicken; let’s go with your chicken. 

When McGregor was asked about Khabib in his post-fight press conference, he brushed off and called him a “consistent pull-out merchant” 

UFC president Dana stating earlier this year that he plans to schedule an event in Russia featuring Nurmagomedov and McGregor in the division. Fans will be so much happy and willing to watch this great event. fans are getting impatient. These are two great fighters who are more ready to meet in the Octagon. The event would be great.

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