NFL TV Ratings has Significantly Gone Down Again in Week 9

Ross Houston
November 8, 2016

The ratings of NFLs has decline significantly that makes it no joke when compared to the previous times. While many may know the cause of these massive ratings, the league has a massive viewership problem right on its hands. From the Super Bowl lines, it might even get worse if measures aren’t taken to improve the ratings in the near future.

The ratings had dramatically dipped in Week 9 compared to the same time last year, with their prime-time being Broncos-Raiders Sunday Night matchup recording 20 percent drop, as Austin Karp of the Sports Business Daily reported.

The numbers on Sunday night game, it should be another concern since the number has reduced massively over a last couple of years. Most of Roger Goodell and NFL owners have been worried about the trend whenever they are looking for the number of people viewing these games. It was one of the prime-time matchup, which featured on the defending champions of Super Bowl (albeit with no Peyton Manning) up against up-and-coming team that has the top young quarterback in the whole of NFL. The game has remained very competitive despite having no World Series game that compete with it. Nevertheless, the ratings weren’t there, and this drop-off from the last years Eagles-Cowboys game right in prime time in just Week 9. Unless measures are taken, it is going to be hard for viewers to continue unless they massively change their tactics.

A key point to note after the breaking news on FBI finding anything new in the recent Hillary Clinton emails batch likely worked to even draw viewers away from afternoon games slate on Fox and CBS as they watch breaking news on their TVs. Exactly on 4:15 p.m. the national window on the CBS had featured on the Colts beating Packers in the Green Bay, though the ratings for, which game went down 20% from last year’s Week 9 matchup in between the Colts and Broncos.

With the soap opera-level being intrigued with the US election has definitely stolen some of the eyeballs from those who might otherwise watch football. After the elections, things might change as more people try to watch more football from their favorite games. For instance, the prime time has been four times within the first 8 weeks with Dolphins-Bengals, Jaguars-Titans and even other dismal Color Rush games appearing every Thursday.

According to @SportsTVRatings chronicles frequently on Twitter, the other sports had remained unaffected by the US election that makes it an excuse for the falling ratings of NFLs. For instance, this weekend ESPN had posted a 42 % uptick in Friday night doubleheader. This means measures must be taken if the number of ratings has to increase during the period despite the elections being aired on most of the TV stations.

Of course, it is important to keep all perspective, which makes NFL the king among many other American sports in regards to TV ratings. For instance, the World Series that involved the Chicago Cubs did break a 108-year championship drought by drawing strong ratings, which went up to an 11.7 rating on the last Sunday night. The NFLs owners and executives should find ways of enticing people back to their main product. 

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