Voiptime to Release Innovative System for Healthcare and Medical Industry

Yolanda Curtis
October 20, 2016

The aim of the solution is to help hospitals to create a long-lasting relationship with customers and to strengthen brand identity, increase loyalty and grow revenue.

On September 28, Voiptime, a leader in IT solutions for sales, announced that it is developing a modern online cloud center system for Medical Industry and Healthcare. It will be released in December 2016.

The new innovative cloud call center solution  may be used for:

● Appointment setting and scheduling

● Medical device (HME and DME) telesales

● Drug and medical equipment launches

● Surveys for physicians, pharmacists, patients 

● Updating healthcare plan

● Winning patients back.

● Medical call center solution features

The Voiptime best cloud contact center solution will contain a powerful Lead Management System that will help medical companies to organize and efficiently manage client database: to store all data in one place, schedule calls with appointment reminders, run call companies on healthcare updates and new services and access all communication history.

The modern online call center solution will feature several dialing modes, including:

● Predictive — dials several numbers from the database simultaneously, and, when a live person answers, automatically routs the call to an available agent. The system calculates the average time in which the live person will answer the call and helps to reduce agent idle time significantly. This is a perfect solution for a call center with multiple operators to work with cold database; 

● Power — the system dials numbers and, when a client answer is detected, the agent answers the call. A perfect mode for single-agent scenarios;   

● Progressive — as soon as the user dispositions a contact, the next-best record appears on the screen and the phone number is automatically dialed;

● Preview — the user looks at the contact information and clicks the phone number to call when ready.

These dialing modes will help to increase the medical call center performance by up to 70%.

Other important features of Voiptime Cloud Call Center solution will be custom scripts with flexible intuitive constructor, suitable Iframe, API Availability, easy to integrate with full-range of applications and program interfaces and possibility to buy SIP numbers.

The Voiptime Cloud system for medical call centers will also have powerful reporting and analytical tools.

The first release of the solution will be perfect for outbound healthcare call centers. In later releases Voiptime will also present a system for inbound calls and a blended, enabling to make and receive calls from patients and clients.

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