Pablo Tucker
October 10, 2016

Drones have become an important part of everyday life especially for certain industries and enthusiasts that regularly utilise them not just for fun but also for purely practical reasons. 

The innovative technology has been adopted by a number of businesses that require certain visual perspectives such as the entertainment industry that is able to utilise drones in order to gain impressive overhead shots for a fraction of the budget it would typically require to drag filming equipment onto a helicopter for instance to get a similar shot. 

The technology has been adopted for the security industry as well as the police in some areas and is already being utilised as the future of high-speed delivery services for small packages and even food.

As covered in depth on the RedflushCasino blog page, Ehang, a drone development company based in China, recently unveiled a brand new concept in drone technology. The personal transport drone, otherwise known as the Ehang 184, is the world’s very first autonomous drone that can reportedly fly up to 500 metres into the air whilst carrying a single passenger inside. 

This 8 rotor bladed oversized drone weighs in at just 440 pounds and will able to carry an individual and take them to their destination within a 23 minute radius. The drone itself will utilise a live navigation system connected to Google Maps that will allow the drone to take off and avoid any high buildings or other obstacles that may be on route. The drone will then safely land at the final location.

Why the 23 minute travel time? This is currently the limit for the drone simply due to its battery limitations. The passenger themselves will have no control over the drone and will not be required to learn how to take off, fly or land. It will rely on automation only however, there is obviously major health and safety issues involved in such a concept and therefore a ground control command centre will be in place in order to take over in any emergency event that will require alternative remote controlled guidance. 

So at least you’ll be able to relax more easily during your drone-based travels if you know there is a suitable back-up system in place that will help you get back down to earth safely.

Speaking of relaxing, the drone will be fitted with in flight Wi-Fi as well as air conditioning to help the traveller feel more comfortable on their brief journey. But of course it doesn’t really matter what bells and whistles this new concept can offer it will all be down to the laws and regulations involved in this new type of aviation. 

Regulations in the UK, for example, would currently prohibit this type of personal transport drone from flying around rendering it useless at this time. And even if the concept was being considered for use in the UK there would of course be stringent tests, checks and other aspects to take into account. It may be an exciting prospect but there’s still quite a way to go before we’ll be seeing Ehang 184 drones in the air.


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