Hillary Clinton's unpopularity hits new high, on par with Donald Trump

Cheryl Sanders
September 1, 2016

The poll shows nearly half of those who supported Ted Cruz say they will vote for either Gov. Johnson (33%) or Mrs. Clinton (16%), while only 52% say they'll vote for Mr. Trump.

Clinton says in a speech Wednesday to the American Legion convention in Cincinnati that the USA needs to "step up our game" and be able to defend itself against those who "go after us". Trump's campaign said Tuesday night that he will make a surprise trip to Mexico on Wednesday to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Bernie Sanders hit Clinton throughout the primary for her vote in favor of the Iraq War and past support of free trade deals. Which matters more in contemporary politics: that segregationists were Southern Democrats or that segregationists made a new home in the Republican Party in the latter half of the 20th century? But odds at the beginning of the too-long Presidential campaign said the flamboyant Trump had no chance in hell of beating out the gang of GOP Presidential wannabes who eventually fell by the wayside.

However, Donald Trump Jr.

So our choice is Clinton or Trump.

A Clinton aide said she would contrast her foreign policy approach with that of Republican Donald Trump, who puts the emphasis on what he calls an "America first" vision that includes a crackdown on illegal immigration and opposition to multinational trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Such a perception could further undermine her low standing at the same time it devalues America's political discussion and further split an already seriously divided nation.

Clinton says in a sharply worded speech Wednesday to the American Legion convention that it's "an insult to the men and women serving today and all who have served before". "They may vaguely have some information about Trump said this or Clinton said that or whatever".

Several authors who have written books about Trump have reached out to the Clinton campaign, including Tony Schwartz, who co-authored Trump's best-seller, "Art of the Deal". Trump then plans to fly to Cincinnati for his own address Thursday morning at the American Legion convention and a midday rally in Wilmington.

Trump, meanwhile, remained even less popular, the poll showed. "We don't like him", Fox confirmed, "We don't want him". There was a Republican president, a Republican governor, and a Republican mayor.

Clinton has welcomed Republicans' support without making policy outreach.

To be sure, Trump's surface-level understanding of history isn't entirely wrong: Southern Democrats were, for generations after the Civil War, on the wrong side of the issue. While Trump had said during the primary that he meant to accomplish that goal with the help of a "deportation force", in recent weeks he has suggested in closed-door meetings with Hispanic activists that he might be open to re-considering.

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