Weld: Interest in Libertarian presidential ticket picking up

Carla Harmon
August 11, 2016

BOSTON - Vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld, who is running as a Libertarian rather than under his old GOP status, said Monday that Gov. Charlie Baker is right to stay out of national politics.

At any rate, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson has qualified for 39 out of 51 ballots, with the expectation of getting on all of them, and Green Party pick Jill Stein has gotten on 27 while expecting to beat 2012's total of 37. Party activists say the candidate on the paperwork, Charlie Earl, who ran for OH governor in 2014, is just a stand-in who will be replaced with Johnson and his running mate once the petitions are certified by the state's elections chief. "I think the Democrats would have a very hard time given all the promises that were made to the electorate keeping the budget in check". Interestingly, Weld said, "I voted for some libertarian state reps back when I was governor and before".

Weld and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson plan to take the third-party path to the White House. Weld told reporters on Monday that "the ice is cracking a little bit".

The former MA governor said the immediate goal is to reach the 15 percent threshold needed in polls to secure a spot on the debate stage with Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Candidates for president must collect at least 10,000 certified signatures from registered voters to qualify for the ballot in MA, and the Johnson-Weld campaign had already submitted 9,200 signatures.

Johnson is on track to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Howell said, noting OH has been "one of the worst" states for access. But Harris said Ohio Libertarians needed to start collecting signatures before then to ensure the party would have a presidential candidate on ballots in the key swing state. On Monday, former Governor Weld turned in the final round of signatures needed to secure a space for the Johnson-Weld Libertarian presidential ticket on the MA ballot.

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