Trump Will Give Long-Awaited Immigration Speech on Wednesday

Carla Harmon
August 30, 2016

As the Democratic presidential nominee seeks to undercut Trump's economic record and promote her plans for small businesses, she is invoking memories of her late father's Chicago drapery business.

However, the decline of Jewish voter support for Obama may have more to do with his own personal clashes with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and may not directly translate into success for Trump courting Jewish voters away from Clinton.

"It's actually the opposite", said Marlon Marshall, director of states and political engagement for the Clinton campaign, who was in Philadelphia checking up on operations this week. "We're fighting like we're 10 points behind".

Mo Elleithee, who worked for Clinton's 2008 presidential bid, said that reminiscing about her family's business could put Clinton "in a different light" with voters.

"When you're running against an untraditional candidate, it is important that you don't stray off-course yourself", he said. Trump's campaign had scheduled it for last Thursday, then canceled it. So far this month, Clinton has headlined 31 events that have raised over $58 million, according to average ticket prices and attendance figures provided by the campaign. Trump had suggested he might be "softening" on the deportation force and that he might be open to allowing at least some immigrants in the country illegally to stay, as long as they pay taxes. Asked if Mr Trump still sought a "deportation force", which he called for previous year, Mr Pence said Mr Trump was speaking of "a mechanism, not a policy". We have three debates.

"I do not know which Donald Trump will show up", Hillary Clinton told donors at a private fundraiser in East Hampton, New York.

Young is supporting Trump in a state the Republicans are all but certain to win. "Donald Trump will articulate what we do with the people who are here", Pence said on Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union". "Our already strong support in Pennsylvania will continue to grow because Mr. Trump's message connects so well to voters across a wide demographic".

Trump also said that he was developing an "exit-entry tracking system to ensure those who overstay their visas, that they're quickly removed". "Since there are 11 million, 12 million, 13 million, 14 million, 15 million, we don't know, I don't know how many illegals are here, he's going to start in the right way". Really, she has a record of failure.

Trump, at a rally the same day, called Clinton a "bigot" while also tweeting an accusation that she was engaged in "race-baiting". In the interim his policy stances on immigration have shifted significantly, frustrating people on both sides of the aisle.

Trump brought up a Clinton comment from the 1990s defending the crime bill her husband signed- former president Bill Clinton has since said the bill made mass incarceration worse - where she referred to certain "kinds of kids" as "super predators" and said they needed to be brought "to heel".

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