Trump makes up with party, Clinton wrestles with trust

Cheryl Sanders
August 10, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump Thursday in his first comments since the GOP presidential nominee declined to endorse the speaker in an upcoming Republican primary.

By Wednesday, however, Ryan did get the endorsement of Trump's vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who said he'd gotten the go-ahead to do so from Trump. Kelly Ayotte, with whom he has sparred. "John McCain. I fully support and endorse his reelection". "I have officially endorsed Paul Ryan - and together, we will fight for YOU, and together we will Make America Great Again!"

"She is a rising star and will continue to represent the great people of New Hampshire so very well for a long, long time". Trump's original speculation this week the House may need "very strong leadership" instead of Ryan flew in the face of party solidarity during a tense presidential year and after the speaker's own appeals at the Republican National Convention in July the GOP unite against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Ryan told a Wisconsin radio station Friday that his support of Trump is not a "blank check" and added he could pull his endorsement if necessary. Trump had previously tweeted out thanks to the congressional Republican leader's primary challenger, Paul Nehlen.

Trump told the Washington Post earlier this week he likes Ryan, "But these are disgusting times for our country". There were even rumors this week that the Republican Party might seek to replace Trump on the ticket.

"Working hand in hand, we will grow our majority in the House and in the Senate", Trump said.

But as the highest-ranking Republican in Washington, Ryan is hugely influential - something Trump has clearly recognised.

Trump's phrasing echoed statements Ryan had made in May, when the Speaker said of endorsing Trump, "I'm just not ready to do that at this point". He also endorsed U.S. Sens. "I believe we need Paul Ryan in leadership in the Congress of the United States". The group relies heavily on hedge fund managers and investment bankers - a group Mr Trump has railed against in the past - and includes no women. Trump supporters are drawn to him as the outsider who rejects GOP establishment types like McCain, a five-term senator. "I understand and embrace the wisdom of Ronald Reagan's big tent within the party", Trump said.

The Republican nominee tried to stay on message, hammering his opponent Hillary Clinton.

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