Southampton political group backs Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader

Ross Houston
August 7, 2016

The attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn was created to set into motion a process which would see a candidate who represents a clear alternative take over as the party's leader.

Mr Watson, 62, a former miner, who worked at Westoe pit for 23 years, said: "It's wonderful to have a leader of the Labour Party who is so honest and prepared to defend his principles".

Blanchflower, who is advocating a five per cent cut in Value-Added Tax, said Smith had been better at consulting businesses and economists in three weeks than Corbyn's leadership had over the last nine months.

"[Mr Foster] has been very generous in the way he has offered financial support to the party in the past. but it is disappointing that somebody appears to think they are bigger than the party", he said.

On September 21, the deadline for returning votes is reached.

Mr Corbyn said he though this support has "grown a great deal" and brushed aside criticisms that he would not unite the party and be a viable prime minister, saying people are "looking for something different, that challenges the orthodoxy".

CWU general secretary Dave Ward said the establishment was attacking Mr Corbyn because they knew he represented a "serious vote for change". "That isn't left or right, that's just good common sense".

"Unfortunately, I could not continue supporting Jeremy after the events that followed Hilary Benn's sacking".

"But the important thing is to be able to place yourself in the position where you are meeting people who are not part of the political machine, are not part of the media-political nexus".

John McDonnell, chairman of Corbyn's campaign, said Smith must do more to denounce those seeking a split or risk becoming the "disunity candidate".

"The Labour Party must be a movement for improving the lives of ordinary people, not about an individual".

They said in an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn last week: "We were all pleased when you were elected past year with the biggest mandate in party political history from members to lead our party against these Tory cuts that are hurting so many". He continued, the "L$3 abour right have seen their power in the party drain away, and haven't an idea to their name".

Jeremy Corbyn's bid to be re-elected as Labour leader was boosted today by the backing of another major trade union.

Mr Smith's campaign received a boost as two ex-economic advisers to Mr Corbyn said they did not believe he could lead the party to victory at the next election.

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