Raiders tight end agrees to date with gold medalist Aly Raisman

Ross Houston
August 30, 2016

There's good news for Colton: Raisman said she would go out with him, and it didn't seem like she had to think it over.

With Underwood at 6-foot-3 to Raisman's 5-2, could we have another Wladimir Klitschko-Hayden Panettiere-type pairing on our hands? During the chat, a reporter asked the three-time gold medal winner what type of person she would like to date.

The moral of the story is this: If you have a crush on a girl, swing for the fences.

Screen Shot

Underwood said he and Raisman haven't officially talked yet, but they messaged each other on Twitter to set up the date. "I hope it works out for him".

That was when the interviewer handed his iPhone to Raisman so she could watch the video.

SO cute! Aly Raisman could be off the market!

In the video, Raisman says she is looking for someone who supports her career and ambition but isn't with her just because she's a world-class athlete.

The Raiders are enjoying this preseason storyline, which has become bigger than Underwood imagined.

Raisman said: "Shawn and Nastia [Liukin] fight over who's going to find me a boyfriend first". "She's made it very clear to me multiple times".

Coach Jack Del Rio agreed.

"It's awesome how things get traction", Del Rio said. A young man doing what young men do and invited out a decorated Olympian. He also owns his own sports bar, the 4th and Goal, in Washington, Illinois (i.e., Underwood better offer free yam fries whenever you want them, Raisman).

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