Ohio's Kasich says neither Trump nor Clinton has his vote

Cheryl Sanders
August 9, 2016

Republican Donald Trump on Monday was set to outline a sweeping plan to make childcare expenses fully tax deductible and continue his assault on free-trade agreements in a Detroit Economic Club speech that appeared created to undercut Hillary Clinton's support among working families.

The poll shows Clinton leading Trump, 46 percent to 34 percent, among registered voters and finds a similar margin for Clinton among likely voters. John McCain in their primary battles. "If you saw him on Friday making that endorsement announcement, that was a chagrined man who finally realized his campaign's in trouble". "This gets to the whole heart of the campaign". "We do not need a third term of Obamanomics".

Ninivaggi said her sign represents a call to action opposing Trump as a threat to not only democracy, but the moral framework of America.

"The Bernie Sanders people have far more energy and spirit", Trump said after one woman was taken from the room. He will also call for the repeal of the estate tax - named the "death tax" by Republican opponents - which now hits a small percentage of high-value inheritances.

When he speaks Monday in the city that has become a symbol of the US manufacturing plight, Trump is expected to reiterate his plan for reducing the corporate tax rate to 15 percent from the current 35 percent — in an effort to draw new investment — as well as eliminating the estate tax and calling for a temporary moratorium on new regulations. She also stressed her commitment to small businesses, asking "would you rather have a president who says you're fired or you're hired?" "Ours is the campaign of the future".

More than a dozen protesters on Monday interrupted Donald Trump's speech laying out his economic proposals in what he had hoped would be a tame and scripted affair before a receptive audience.

Trump is expected to offer his most detailed economic policy proposals in a speech Monday at the Detroit Economic Club. He had previously said he would drop that rate to 25 percent, an idea many tax experts said would dramatically reduce government income and balloon deficits. "What we want to do is to help financially stressed middle-class families have some relief from child-care expenses".

Trump's Detriot economic speech contained the usual mix of conspiracy theories and outright lies that have defined the Republican nominee's campaign.

Trump reportedly would also make the argument for trade and tax incentives aimed at pushing American firms to repatriate jobs and profits held overseas.

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