NY1 puts Anthony Weiner on indefinite leave

Carla Harmon
August 30, 2016

After The Post published its story yesterday night revealing Weiner's latest messages, several allies of Clinton said they contacted campaign advisers to express their frustration and anger with Weiner and to ask if the campaign or Abedin would be responding to the story or taking any action. "I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him". Abedin is one of only a handful of advisers who have served on both of Clinton's presidential campaigns - a mark of loyalty and trust. Freedom of Information Act requests from a conservative organization have made many of Clinton's staff's emails sent during that time public, and Abedin was involved in most of the exchanges drawing scrutiny. In another, Band and Abedin emailed about job opportunities at the State Department for a person whose name was redacted.

I wrote about Huma recently: Huma Abedin, Daughter of Jihad and Huma Abedin, Hillary's Bribe Broker.

Still, Abedin said, "I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and. we are moving forward".

Born in Michigan, Abedin spent the majority of her childhood in Saudi Arabia, returning to the USA for college. Her parents were scholars - her father from India and her mother from Pakistan.

Abedin has worked closely with Clinton in practically all of her endeavors since the White House. She was the subject of a Vogue interview this month in which she talked about the pressures of parenthood during a busy political campaign.

She was a personal aide to Mrs Clinton during her successful 2000 campaign for the US Senate.

But her time at the State Department has not only drawn controversy because of the emails later made public. She also worked with the Clinton Foundation.

Just before she left her official State post, a mysterious LLC was formed with ties to her. Abedin has answered Grassley's inquiries with a defense of her varied work as separate.

Abedin hasn't only made the news for her work with Clinton. Former President Bill Clinton officiated their wedding.

In one of the pictures, Weiner is lying on a bed with his toddler son while texting the woman, according to the Post.

Mr Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011 and publicly apologised sexting scandal in which he accidentally posted an explicit photo of himself on his public Twitter timeline instead of via a direct message to a woman, as he had intended.

The marriage would provide years of fodder for political commentators, armchair psychologists and spouses all over America who wondered: How could she stay with him?

That time, Abedin again stood by his side and gave remarks at a press conference.

A friend of Abedin, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the breakup, said she was with her young son, Jordan, and her family members in the Hamptons during the weekend.

"I've got eight kids".

Ms Abedin's announcement comes after a report emerged that he had allegedly exchanged sexual photos with a woman.

The New York Post published photos late Sunday that it said Weiner had sent past year to a woman identified only as a "40-something divorcee" who lives in the West and supports Republican Donald Trump.

The New York Daily News, for which Weiner was an occasional columnist, separately said it would no longer run his columns. Emails sent or received by Abedin released as part of a lawsuit by the activist group Judicial Watch also show she was a point of contact for Clinton Foundation staffers seeking access or favors at the State Department.

In a recent fact-check piece, The Washington Post called the publication a "sober academic journal" and said the accusations of affiliation were "bogus".

Abedin's marriage has also come under fire from Clinton's Republican opponent Donald Trump, who immediately seized on the aide's marital split to accuse Clinton of "bad judgment". "This is a sad day for that little boy", Duffy said.

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