Koch Brothers Double Down On Decision To Not Back Trump

Cheryl Sanders
August 13, 2016

Koch has been open in his opposition to the Republican nominee, but told reporters that any claims he plans to support Clinton were "blood libel".

The ambitious Koch network has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to influence politics and public policy over the last decade. Indeed, although he previously admitted it's "possible" Clinton is the best choice for president in November, he called the notion he would support her "bloodlibel".

"Terrible and truly bad are the two choices", Wright said, suggesting that even if he voted for Trump in November — and that's not decided — he wouldn't go any further.

"We're not going to give any money to support Donald Trump", donor Chris White told the Associated Press.

Charles Koch along with his brother, David, form a political and financial powerhouse over American politics, both directly and indirectly, via various advocacy and lobbying organizations. The weekend's event includes a small number of reporters, including The Associated Press.

None of the presidential candidates are aligned with the Koch network "from a values, and beliefs and policy perspective", Holden said, citing other determining factors such as "running a good campaign" and talking about key issues "in a positive productive way".

Speaking to the donors, who had traveled here this weekend for the network's biannual seminar, Koch sought to play down the importance of electing a Republican president. But Koch Industries chief executive Charles Koch has refused to budge, repeatedly expressing his dismay with Mr Trump's tone and policy positions.

The day before, Trump thumbed his nose at the Koch gathering from Twitter. Trump yesterday afternoon said it's him who's rejecting them - he tweeted that he "turned down a meeting" with the Kochs. They have contributed heavily to conservative campaigns and think tanks, are among the best known Republican donors.

"At this point, I can't support either candidate, but I'm certainly not going to support Hillary", he said. "I don't endorse everything about him".

In the same interview, Koch hinted that he could in fact support Clinton in the race for the White House.

In Nevada, the Koch network is making a $1.2 million TV and digital buy titled "Nineteen" to support Republican Rep. Joe Heck.

Beyond Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Koch network is also targeting Senate contests in Florida, Wisconsin and Indiana. "To address the current political crisis, our first objective is to stop the worst federal policies, regardless of who is the nextpresident".

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