Jared Leto Wants The Joker Team Up With Ben Affleck's Batman?

Carla Harmon
August 10, 2016

The action spectacle is also resonating with foreign crowds. It also did better initially in many global markets than Suicide Squad, though the latter did out-gross its sibling in a few, including Australia (thanks to Margot Robbie and maybe Jai Courtney and his boomerang-throwing national cliche of a character).

Negative reviews by critics are certainly the proverbial elephant in the room but the head of distribution for Warner Bros.

For evidence that Suicide Squad is not going to go the distance against Guardians - more hard fact than just returning to the tortoise and hare analogy to point out that the tortoise literally has more legs - we can look at the former's 54% drop in attendance from Friday to Sunday. He also lauded Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn ("She steals just about every scene she's in"), while he spoke positively of Will Smith's portrayal of Deadshot. However, the studio was caught off-guard by the fusillade of withering reviews from critics.

And boy were those reviews very bad. We are introduced to each of these 5000 supervillians via a short montage with funky-font chyrons atop their portraits explaining to us who each one is, what their powers are, and why they're bad, an early indication that there are so many characters in this movie, even the screenwriter (director David Ayer) didn't know how to wedge them in. No, but audiences, who vote with their dollars more than critics do, clearly demonstrated that the film's strengths overwhelmed any weaknesses. In spite of overall poor reviews and a muddled storyline with no real punch, DC Comics fans were waiting in line for the film. It managed to overcome the bad notices to debut to $166 million, but the poor word-of-mouth caught up to the film in its second weekend, pushing receipts down by almost 70%. That Disney/Marvel film made $94.3 million in its first three days, a number that "Suicide Squad" was able to pass in two. Suicide Squad earned a dismal 26 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The studio spent $175 million making the picture, which included a number of reshoots. But the cost isn't the only concern. We now have another piece to the puzzle that started with Man of Steel, continued in Batman v Superman, and will go on next year in Wonder Woman and Justice League. The disappointment with Batman vs. Superman might have discouraged filmmakers with less money, but the superconglomerate by then had had too much money and time inveted. According to new reports, The Flash will begin shooting in London in January 2017. The film centers on a team of super villains who are recruited for a black ops mission by the US government.

However, "Suicide Squad"'s record-breaking opening weekend box office numbers speak highly both for the genre and for the film industry as a whole - marking a step further in the direction of major, successful film releases later in the summer.

The family film Nine Lives opened with a disappointing $6.5 million for a No. 6 opening.

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