CPEC to be game-changer for Pak, entire region: PM Sharif

Cheryl Sanders
August 30, 2016

The Prime Minister said with the initial investment of 46 billion dollar, CPEC will become unique model of economic development as well as pioneering method of global economic cooperation. They want to give the resources of Balochistan to Punjab and China. "Currently, China and Pakistan have, regarding building the corridor, established a good mechanism of communication and coordination, related programmes are being implemented smoothly, and the corridor has entered the stage of full implementation". It has also been accused by Pakistan of allegedly involving itself with separatists in Balochistan, Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

"The CPEC is a new concept of diplomacy based on shared goals of prosperity for Pakistan and the region, and a project to eliminate poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment", the Prime Minister said in his address here at the inaugural session of the two-day China Pakistan Economic Corridor Summit and Expo.

The premier termed CPEC most important initiative of the 21st century and said it perfectly complements Pakistan's vision 2025.

However, China's principal concern lies not providing a stable political environment for Pakistani people but protecting it's $46 billion investment in the region.

In China-India relations, Pakistan factor plays a critical role more than other issues, Hu Shisheng highlighted. Whatever happened in the past, it has not become so serious then let us talk about it. Asked about India's concerns over terrorism emanating from Pakistan, Hu said Islamabad should address India's concerns for its own development. "It is up to India whether India can resist this kind of temptation", Hu said. He also said there are differences between Pakistan's civil and military over crucial issues.

Hu told IANS, "This will not help Pakistan to become a normal country".

On India's stand on the South China Sea, Hu added."In the past, India's stand on the South China Sea was impartial". The message is clearly for India to keep out of Balochistan and not disturb multi million dollar projects; to keep out of the South China Sea dispute and not take the side of United States and Japan as it has been doing so increasingly; and to go slow on developing this exclusive military relationship with the U.S. as it will impact on India-China ties. "In the past Chinese scholars are not so much concerned about India-US ties.

The Foreign Ministry also told India today that China "appreciates Pakistan's work and takes confidence for the future of the corridor" adding that China "would like to join with Pakistan to promote building the corridor advance continuously, so as to spread the benefit of the corridor among the peoples". We strongly believed that India's strategic independence can be trusted and can be maintained. "The cooperation has been going really far more forward in the past one year", he said.

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