Clinton urges emergency action on Zika in Florida

Cheryl Sanders
August 10, 2016

Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) has urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to call a special session. Tim Kaine, has already said he'd return to Washington for a vote on a Zika bill. "Apparently they believe an earmark for Planned Parenthood in the future is more important that preventing the threat of Zika now".

Zika-related brain damage in fetuses "is one of the saddest congenital birth outcomes imaginable", said Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. The mosquito-borne virus, which emerged previous year in South America, is particularly unsafe to pregnant women and can cause severe birth defects.

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks about the Zika virus during a visit to Borinquen Health Care Center in Miami, Florida August 9, 2016. At this point, the continental US isn't experiencing anything close to an epidemic-1,800 cases in a country this size is barely a blip on the radar, not to mention that outside of a small part of South Florida, those cases have not been contracted locally.

The department also added there have been no reported cases however of Zika transmitted by mosquitoes in Texas.

However, Brown said just because most cases are contracted outside the state doesn't mean the virus should be ignored. Fifteen people in Florida, according to health officials, have been infected by local mosquitoes.

Democrats have since pushed for a "clean" Zika funding bill, but Republicans have accused them of not being willing to pass the two measures they proposed.

Clinton said she wanted Schultz in Congress "by my side".

"Harris County Public Health continues to actively work on protecting the community from mosquito-related diseases, but individuals must also protect themselves from getting bitten by mosquitoes locally and overseas", he said. "Because Washington can not keep ignoring the needs of the families of Florida".

In a March post on Medium, Clinton said while there is "a lot we need to do, and fast" about Zika, Congress should first "meet President Obama's request for $1.8 billion in emergency appropriations to fight" the mosquito borne virus.

A study conducted in Brazil suggests that babies born with microcephaly caused by the Zika virus may develop curved or crooked joints in their arms and legs.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who represents Florida and is up for re-election, is also calling on Congress to reconvene.

"I have said throughout this campaign I am not going to raise the taxes on the middle class, but with your help we are going to raise it on the wealthy", Clinton said at a Monday rally in the battleground state of Florida.

Donald Trump campaigned in Florida earlier this month but did not mention the Zika virus. So far, Trump has not addressed the Zika response in depth, though he told a Florida television station last week that Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, "really seems to have it under control in Florida".

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