Arsonist lights himself on fire while trying to burn building down

Cheryl Sanders
August 10, 2016

It happened at the barber shop in the 300 block of Arch St. The video shows the man driving up to the building in a minivan, throwing what appears to be a molotov cocktail at the building and getting doused with a splash of burning fluid.

Police are now looking for the suspects who left in a white van.

Police say the building is a new business in town and are asking anyone with information to contact police.

The police are are on the lookout for the arsonists and have put up the video so people can help them identify the suspects, reports ABC news.

Surveillance video from the opposite side of the scene shows the man sliding across the grass to quench the fire.

The fire was reported when an employee arrived to work and noticed an odor described as fuel.

Unfazed, the man returns to the van, grabs another bottle of liquid and feeds the blaze even more.

Police said the second homemade device hit the door and exploded, catching the man on fire. The man and woman then fled the scene in the minivan.

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