All the details on the new 'Star Trek Discovery'

Cheryl Sanders
August 11, 2016

Additionally, Fuller revealed the series is set in the Prime Universe, 10 years before Captain Kirk's five-year mission.

Bryan Fuller tweets a picture of Star Trek Discovery's captain's chair. Showrunner Fuller - who is openly gay - recently moderated a 50th anniversary Star Trek panel at Comic-Con where he used the platform to stress that the franchise could serve as an antidote to the current political upheaval. Fuller also fielded several questions on what said event might be, but would not be drawn out on the issue; though he did deny that it was either the Romulan War or anything connected to shadowy organisation Section 31. Fuller said the desire is to explore a different perspective after 6 series having already focused on a captain's POV. On top of introducing a variety of new aliens, however, Fuller said they were going to redesigning some familiar species and hoped that Star Trek fans would appreciate the new look. "In order to understand something completely alien to her, she has to understand herself".

All the details on the new 'Star Trek Discovery'

That's what we know so far, but bookmark this page as we will continue to update it as we find out more about Star Trek: Discovery. Kurtzman is co-writer and producer of 2009's Star Trek and its follow-up Star Trek Into Darkness. "So we have to start early on with a touch point where people can understand and have access into it, show them how we're reimagining Star Trek and then hold their hand as we pull them hopefully into iterations a lot of different timelines beyond what we have seen".

- Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, may be featured in "Discovery" but will not be a central figure.

What do you think about Star Trek Discovery? As a diehard Trek fan himself, he said that he thought it would make a ideal event to focus on for a serialized series; the first that doesn't operate as strictly episodic in the Trek television universe. "There was an event that was talked about but never fully explored and we're excited to explore that for the first time".

"Discovery" will also feature slightly more graphic content, since it will be exclusively available on CBS' streaming service All Access.

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