Clinton: Election more enjoyable with Sanders

Cheryl Sanders
July 17, 2016

"The candidate who ran against special interests is endorsing the candidate who embodies special interests", his campaign said in a release.

Likely Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein lamented Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton Tuesday, tweeting, "many Bernie hearts are breaking right now". Clinton voted for the Iraq war, supported the trans-pacific partnership and has ties to Wall Street, including taking hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches she made to banks like Goldman Sachs.

"The American people are sick and exhausted about hearing about your damn emails", he said during a Democratic debate October 13, 2015. Recent polling suggests that 85 percent of his supporters have said they plan to back Clinton. And with a finalized party platform that reflects both candidates' values, his long campaign wasn't in vain.

Obama has already endorsed Hillary, as has Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who is wildly popular among Democrats.

It's a moment that many in the Democratic Party have been waiting for: Clinton and Sanders coming together to show a united front. He responded, "Because I haven't heard her say the things I think need to be said".

With Senator Sanders' endorsement of Secretary Clinton, local Bernie supporters have to decide if feeling the Bern will keep them from voting for Hillary Clinton come November.

He also issued an invitation to disaffected Sanders supporters to join his campaign, saying he will welcome them "with open arms". "Sanders was not true to himself and his supporters". Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar of Thornton is a Sanders delegate to the convention.

'Bernie's endorsement becomes Exhibit A in our rigged system - the Democrat Party is disenfranchising its voters to benefit the select and privileged few, ' said Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser to Trump.

"She must become our next president", Sanders emphasized, offering a litany of reasons why the 68-year-old former secretary of state is a better choice than the 70-year-old Manhattan real estate mogul.

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