Superstitions in casino

Carla Harmon
June 23, 2016

Superstitions… They exist all over the planet. Someone saves them as part of the cultural heritage, and for others it is quite a weighty guide to action or inaction! Wishes, possibilities, and fears. Everyone has it, even the most rational person can rely on few superstitions. And, it is obviously that most of superstition finds an echo in the souls of gambling personalities. We just don’t see that often playing best casino online.

Often, folk omens do not have anything to do with superstitious for gamblers, but of course a black cat is still a threat to gamblers’ luck, but the majority of the superstitions each player finds individually and accumulates with experience and winnings at the online casino real money.

We can only guess whether the coincidence of it all, or the power of thought, in fact, capable of performing miracles.

Among gaming, roulette is the most mysterious. As we know from the history of roulette, the total sum of numbers on the wheel of fortune is mysterious and frightening 666. In order to overcome this diabolical combination, every fan of this game finds his "lucky" number, and always chose it. This number can mean anything - the sum of digits of the date of birth of his wife, apartment number, where all childhood of the player has passed, some gamblers prefer to search for a mascot in Chinese numerology. You can have a variety of options, and each is unique.

Of course, it is your own choice. We suggest you to find your lucky number, or an amulet. It can be the photo of your wife or husband, kids or parents. They will give you the confidence to make a move. However, it is also necessary to play wisely, without giving all your money for the number that you think may be lucky. We all perfectly know that even if you catch your luck, it can be really tricky and not always mean what you want.


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