Knicks discussing Derrick Rose trade

Ross Houston
June 21, 2016

Rose doesn't look like he'll ever return to the dominant point guard that averaged 25 points per game, but he could certainly settle into the role of being an above average player at his position. One going for him is that he is only 27, meaning he could still recover and finish his National Basketball Association career on a high note.

Rose might be the answer to the problem, although there is always the risk that he will get injured and must be sidelined for a long time. Nearly like a Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook situation. For his part, Hornacek hopes the team can pick up a player who would make up for Jerian Grant's inexperience and Calderon's offensive inefficiency.

Derrick Rose’s 2015-16 Shot Chart
Derrick Rose’s 2015-16 Shot Chart

One thing that critics have singled out is the durability of Derrick Rose. "If we can find a middle guy to bridge those two guys, it would be good". That is very expensive for a player that is no longer a superstar and has not been one in a long time.

If the Knicks and Bulls were to somehow work out a deal to get Rose, it'd be a nice one-year rental for NY and if Rose is able to revitalize his career there, the chances of him re-signing would be more likely.

There's no denying that the Knicks were largely mediocre last season, and a severely underwhelming output from their guards was a major reason behind that.



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