Fallout 4 Mod Size Limit is Much Smaller on PS4

Pablo Tucker
June 17, 2016

Still scheduled for release this month, Fallout 4 mods on PlayStation 4 were discussed by Bethesda today.

Right now, Fallout 4 players on Xbox One are enjoying a slice of the modding pie as that platform has opened up a little with regards to user generated content.

For instance, using mods with PC textures for the open world title on PS4 may cause memory and performance issues, and there are bugs in the audio too, as developers have said, "Sound files are now not supported" due to the console's use of a proprietary audio format.

Memory and performance issues while using mods on PS4 is also a problem - oh, and there's audio bugs abound, too.

However, recently Fallout 4 director, Tod Howard, admitted that the development team is facing size limitations and licensing issues with the Fallout 4 mods on PlayStation 4.

Sound files are not supported now. We are working with Sony on optimal texture exporting support in a future update.

Fallout 4 developer Bethesda has revealed that the Creation Kit, the game's mod making suite, now supports uploading mods to PlayStation 4, in preparation for the upcoming private mods beta launch on Sony's console.

We are working with Sony on sound file processing support in a future update. On PS4, it is now set to 900 MB.



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