European Union referendum poll: Brexit vote on the rise

Andrew Cummings
June 19, 2016

IG Market Analyst Joshua Mahony said "Yet another European Union referendum poll has hammered home the increasing threat of a Brexit next week, with the TNS poll coming out heavily in favour of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union today". With opinion polls showing support for "Leave" in the lead and investors already in a highly defensive mood, the world's most powerful central banks are nervously awaiting the outcome.

Britain's National Health Service (NHS) has become a political football in the European Union referendum race, tossed between the Vote Leave and Britain Stronger In campaigns in their fear-mongering attempts to sway voters.

Worries about Brexit have also contributed to the United Kingdom economy losing momentum in recent months, and investors have pushed back rate hike expectations to the end of the decade.

The latest interventions represent a further concerted effort by the Remain camp to reach out to traditional Labour supporters amid concerns that they are swinging strongly in favour of Leave.

For months, No10 and Labour HQ took heart from the fact that while internet polls were pointing to a close race, more traditional phone polls tended to show a double-digit lead for Remain.

An ORB poll for The Daily Telegraph shows that "Leave" has 49% support compared with "Remain's" 48%.

The Sun has come out in favour of Leave in the European Union referendum, urging readers to free their country from "dictatorial Brussels".

Chris Grayling, Leader of the House of Commons and Leave campaigner, said: "After we vote leave, the public need to see that there is immediate action to take back control from the EU".

A yes vote next week to so-called Brexit would be an "economic disaster for the United Kingdom and a political disaster for the EU", Achleitner said at a dinner on Wednesday in NY hosted by the American Council on Germany.

The Brexit issue has dominated the market since late previous year, driving a decline of more than 10 percent in sterling on a trade-weighted basis between mid-November and mid-April.

The referendum on June the 23d is the biggest political decision Brits have faced in a generation.




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