After Trump rally African-American man feels targeted for not being outraged

Ross Houston
June 18, 2016

The man, Gregory Cheadle, is running for a congressional seat in California and attended the Trump rally because he has "an open mind".

At a rally at the Redding Municipal Airport in Redding, California, on Friday, Trump pointed to Cheadle and told the crowd, "Look at my African-American over here". "Aren't you the greatest?".

Cheadle said he is not upset with his critics.

"Yes, it was odd, but since he went on to tell the story, it's OK", Cheadle told NBC News.

'You would not believe the hate-filled messages that I get’. Cheadle was holding a sign that said "Veterans for Trump" and said he was using it to shield the sun from his head.

The words caused quite a stir on social media. "Fortunately I'm a strong black man who thinks and does the things that I think are important", Cheadle said. I think that there is an element of [the media] wanting me to be upset over it.

The statement, "If Donald Trump is elected president, I'm moving" or a variation of the sort, has been spoken many a time since Trump threw his slogan-embroidered rope hat in the presidential ring.

This weekend, Donald Trump has made racial remarks that would have been career ending for any other politician but, for Trump, it's business as usual. "I am not chained to any particular party and I refuse to be chained to any particular party".



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