Carly Fiorina: Why I Accepted Ted Cruz's Offer

Cheryl Sanders
May 9, 2016

"The fact that John Boehner doesn't much like Ted Cruz is all the evidence you need that Ted Cruz has fought the system", she said.

"She is smart, articulate and loves campaigning", said Beth Miller, who advised Fiorina's Senate campaign.

Fiorina said spending seven weeks on Cruz's campaign bus has reinforced her view that he offers steady conservatism, while Trump's positions continually shift. Speaking as a recently transplanted Californian myself, she is wildly despised there. Her national favorability numbers have been consistently below water.

Before he announced his support for Cruz, Pence acknowledged Trump's impact on the race.

Police in riot gear hold back demonstrators against US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump outside the Hyatt hotel.

First, it came only three days after the Texas senator's abortive pact with John Kasich. "So I don't see this making much difference". At the convention, that very choice could be the prize that nets you precious delegates from the Marco Rubio or Kasich corner, as well as their admirers among the uncommitted. Or anyone with more than the literally one delegate controlled, right now, by Carly Fiorina?

But whether the vice presidential pick will provide the voter and donor enthusiasm needed to overcome Trump's romp toward the nomination is less certain. Hillary Clinton would win in a crushing landslide, sweeping not only the blue and purple states but potentially taking states like Texas and Georgia, where there are enough Democrats to win a three-way race, or even Utah, where Trump is deeply unpopular. The Cruz campaign did not respond. She dismissed the notion that Republican primary voters are rejecting her characterization of Trump as a Clintonian liberal - in droves. She then became infamous for her cold-blooded lies about the doctored Planned Parenthood videos, including the morbid and oft-repeated false claim that they depicted infanticide.

On the choice of Fiorina: "It's a mixed bag".

Trump edged Cruz by less than 2,000 votes in the March 15 primary.

"It's clear the media elites are ready to anoint Donald Trump the Republican nominee before this race is even over", she said in an email to supporters of her own unsuccessful presidential campaign.

"Fiorina was teetering on the edge of political irrelevancy, and this puts her back in the spotlight, at least for a little while", Wallach told ABC News Thursday. "With all of the great women we have in this country, why would you go to Fiorina?". He will not be the GOP nominee, let alone president.

Fiorina, 61, dropped her White House bid in February.

Trump emerged with more than 50 percent of the Republican votes in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland, and scored over 60 percent in DE and Rhode Island. Knight also said that, as coach, he was selective in choosing his players and, gesturing toward Trump, said "That son of a b--h" could play for me.

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